Loren Riesenfeld


Hexbin Maps with Capital Bikeshare Data and MapboxGLWhere did people start and end Capital Bikeshare trips in 2017?
Paper PongA game of pong that runs entirely on pieces of paper
Gaze Tracking with RunwayMLTracking gaze with a machine learning model and a webcam
Twitter OrchestraA musical map of live twitter data all over the world
Explosive ImagesUsing 3d displacement effects on 2d images for fun and (no) profit
Estimating Human Pose in the Broswer with Tensorflow.js
How Non-Profits Can Use Open Source News Applications to Improve Communications Capacity
A History of Nuclear Explosions in 30 SecondsVisualizing all 2622 nuclear explosions that have occured on our fair planet
Installing TiddlyWiki with Node.js on an Ubuntu VPS
Closures in Javascript