Women, Drug Policy, and Incarceration in the Americas

This is a microsite I had the privilege of creating for WOLA's Women and Incarceration project, which documents the dramatic rise of women incarcerated for low-level drug offenses across Latin America.

A screenshot of a microsite made for WOLA's women and drug policy program

It's amazing project with years of high-quality visual content—videos and photo essays that tell the personal stories of women in prison.

The microsite is built on Wordpress, using a templating system called Timber and Advanced Custom Fields. It's also fully multilingual.

My favorite part about the site is the new format for the photo essays. We had a lot of trouble in the past with loading times for the photo essays for users with slower internet connections—a problem I solved by lazy loading images as users scroll through our new narrative format.

A screenshot of photo essays we made for the project

The stories these women tell are profound, and I love how we're now able to communicate that more effectively than we have in the past.