Loren Riesenfeld

Hi, I'm Loren

I'm a web developer, designer, and creative technologist currently based in Washington DC.

Right now, I work as a front-end developer at New America, where I specialize in data visualization. I used to develop and manage digital products as the Communications Officer for a human rights organization called the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). Before that, I reported on organized crime and security for InSight Crime.


Hexbin Maps with Capital Bikeshare Data and MapboxGLWhere did people start and end Capital Bikeshare trips in 2017?
Paper PongA game of pong that runs entirely on pieces of paper
Gaze Tracking with RunwayMLTracking gaze with a machine learning model and a webcam
Twitter OrchestraA musical map of live twitter data all over the world
Explosive ImagesUsing 3d displacement effects on 2d images for fun and (no) profit
Estimating Human Pose in the Broswer with Tensorflow.js


Central America MonitorVisualizing U.S. Assistance to Central America using D3.js
Women, Drug Policy, and Incarceration in the AmericasA Wordpress site for WOLA's Women and Incarceration program
Anti-Immigrant Legislation TrackerA static site with a Google Sheets backend for keeping track of anti-immigrant legislation in Congress
Video: WOLA is Taking a StandA promo video showing how WOLA is fighting President Trump’s anti-immigrant genda
Four Common Misconceptions about Increasing the Size of the U.S. Border Patrol
Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights BlogA new Wordpress site for WOLA's Venezuela Blog

Get In Touch

You can reach me at . My public key is on Keybase.